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Haus office


Home office project

The concept of this project is to renovate the old house to new modern and multi-function home office with the idea of submersion to a holiday feeling. Sunk or submerged of a leveling between spaces, volumetric cinematic.

Combination of your ordinary lifestyle and vacation-vibe together. Staying in resort is the main idea that designer wants to express to the resident.


The home plan is complex with the combination of close and open area that can represent the modern and minimal design.


Living Lounge: A welcome area at 1st level. The first accessing area of whole. Purposed as living area and guest welcome. with circulation-role as mainly function-divided. each space divided by this area, with the vertical circulation, stair. Bring you in each function


Office space: At the basement level. Purposed as working or officing. Capacity for 4-6-person desk. With open layout.

It connected to Dining area and Living Lounge by levels. with Glassed panel to allow the natural light to be shade on the area. Giving transparent and bright. For relaxing vibe for workspace.


2nd - 3rd level. Living area with vertical and horizontal oriented open layout. Giving you a transparent & bright vibe. 

Bedroom & Bathroom purposed to gave with vacation and holiday concepts, it’s hotel & resort inspired layout.

The more privately with one-room in each floor.


Rooftop Terrace : Highest level. Purposed as green terrace and pool deck. with vacation vibe, it’s functioned for relax & leisure time for your holiday party or relaxing moment of an ordinary day. With vibrantly and pure element giving enthusiasm and lively vibe.



Local :

Sunken Haus Office Project




300 SQ.M.


Concept design phase

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